Altair helps Warminster Township's Water Supply!


Altair has offered its services to Bucks and Montgomery County municipalities—including partnering with its "home" township of Warminster—to quickly deliver safe, effective solutions to the current PFOS and PFOA contamination of the public water supplies resulting from fire-treatment chemicals at the former Naval Air Development Center.
Approximately a year ago the Warminster Township officials learned that PFOS and PFOA found in their municipal wells far exceeded acceptable levels. They approached Altair to identify and install treatment technologies so that water supplied and waste water discharged meets or exceeds new EPA standards for safety.
Altair worked with the township to identify a test location and installed tanks on a well head to adsorb the chemical. The system immediately achieved positive results and continues to operate. Altair returns as required to the site and exchanges the media.
Based on the results at this well, adjacent townships of Horsham and Warrington have approached Altair to assist them with the removal of PFOS and PFOA from their public water supplies.


  • Horsham ran an Altair pilot rental unit December–March 2016 with good results.
  • Warminster purchased two Altair units in December through its engineering firm (CKS Engineers, Doylestown); these are to be placed inside two new well buildings.
  • Altair is supplying a rental treatment system to the U.S. Air Force.

Recently the EPA modified the PFOS and PFOA standards, reducing the contamination levels from 0.4 parts per billion PFOA and 0.2 PPM PFOS (1 ppb=1000 parts per trillion) to a maximum combined level of 0.07 ppb or 70 ppt. This change, which is an "EPA Advisory" and not a mandate, went into effect mid-May 2016. The military, in its evaluation and clean up of approximately 664 sites—many potentially impacting multiple well sites, had been using the old EPA standards.
Before and since the modification in EPA standards for PFOS and PFOA, Altair's equipment meets more rigorous standards. Most recently, in order to stay ahead of the curve Altair is working with Warminster Township to run a pilot study of a new technology developed at Temple University jointly with Purolite (the global company based in Bala Cynwyd that develops specialized ion exchange resins and adsorbent solutions) to further reduce the contaminants. The pilot plant was just installed and testing results are available now.
Altair's principals are dedicated water treatment professionals who fully understand the issues and offer safe, viable solutions to alleviate this significant public water quality issue. Bucks and Montgomery County are considered ground zero in this environmental conern.


Altair is working across the United States with various communities to ensure a clean drinking water supply for everyone.



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